Advanced Materials - AM Series

The AM series is configured to custom applications requirements. Available for hydrogen, nitrogen or forming gas environments, and capable of reaching up to 1300 C 

  • Wet & Dry H2, N2 & Air
  • Glass to metal sealing
  • Au-Sn sealing
  • Thick film processing
  • Polymer conductors & resistors
Optics & Display - D Series

The D series is capable of achieving up to 450 C and belt widths up to 125 cm.

  • Coating Cure
  • Glass substrate preparation
  • Active device fabrication
  • Packaging
Photovoltaics - MD Series

TPSI., provides quality in-line furnaces to the photovoltaic industry. The MD Series infrared furnaces feature advanced closed-loop precision temperature controls and a vibration-free transport system rated to 765 cm/min, improving typical mono-crystalline and-crystalline solar cell processing.
  • Turnkey solar cell metallization
  • Printing, drying, firing
  • Contact firing and drying
  • In-line diffusion
  • In-line phosphorus doping
  • Thin film firing
  • Hydrogen annealing
Furnaces & Applications - LA Series

Our furnaces are used in many different applications, such as Photovoltaic, Semiconductor Packaging, Optics and Display, and Advanced Materials.

We also developed furnaces for the Lab and R&D like our compact Model LA B-925 (above), which is a compact version of our production version.


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